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MARC GRAS COTS (Barcelona, 1979) studied Graphic Art at Joso Comic School of Art in Barcelona and soon begin working in advertising and graphic design fields; although cinema, illustration and comic has always been his true passions.

He has worked as storyboarder and created poster and promo art for independent film companies like Troma Entertainment (New York) and others. He also wrote and draw promo comics and even produced and directed documentaries and developed film projects for several spanish and american companies (IMDb).

Inside the publishing field, he has basically worked for american and spanish indie companies like Sparkle Comics, Blood Scream Comics, Finem Mundi Publishing, Fester Comix, Narval Editores, Tyrannosaurus Books, Jason Crawley, Applehead Team, Cascaborra Ediciones... making all kind of comics and illustrations both for children and adult readers and is a very versatile artist that can adapt his style to every need.


He is also the real person behind CINEMACOMICS, a comic-book studio devoted to develop comic adaptations of films for the home cinema distribution market and independent film studios and filmmakers looking for a different kind of promo and merchandise, working with companies all over the world like Wild Eye Releasing, Fester Entertainment, Error 4444, Troma Entertainment, etc.

His work has been published in USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Middle East and Japan.

He loves dinosaurs, Contemporary History (mostly Cold War Era) and hard and southern rock music and can be reached anytime for job proposals and commissions at (he replies fast!)

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