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The FINAL REVENGE comic presents a brand new story based on the action film "Avenging Force", directed by Sam Firstenberg in 1986.

Publisher Applehead Team (Spain) commissioned me to create a comic inspired by "Avenging Force" movie that could serve as a sort of a sequel to the actual film. I should use its main character as the star of the comic and had 44 pages to do so. The result was a black and white graphic novel I scripted, pencilled, inked and lettered. I also illustrated the cover (with color done by Nae Ed).

The goal of this project was to create a brand new merchandise product for fans of the original movie and Canon Films action productions. Applehead Team published several books devoted to Canon Group Inc., so they wanted an original product that could serve both as an homage to Canon Films and a collectable item they can offer in eventual promo packages for their Cannon books , as well as a standalone selling. 

Due the success of the Spanish comic among collectors, American publisher Sparkle Comics released it in English language for the US and Canada, splitting the 44-page graphic novel into two 22-page issues. I created a new cover for issue #2.

Click SAMPLE PAGES in the above menu to see some interior art of this and other comics.

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