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The TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD one-shot adapts the classic horror movie "Tombs of the Blind Dead", directed by Amando de Ossorio in 1972, in a 44-page black & white graphic novel with washes.

This comic was conceived as a collector's item for Ossorio fans all over the world and, with great success, it has been released in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish and Japanese languages in different countries by several publishers (Fester Comix, Waga Comix, Le Chat Qui Fume, Profondo Rosso, Applehead Team, Sheitan Editions and Weissblech Comics) in limited editions.

I was the responsible of the script and art for the comic (including the cover, although the German edition by Weissblech Comics had a different one by Levin Kurio), and also lettered and graphic designed the first Spanish edition. Since it was conceived as a collector's item, that first version of  the comic included several extra goodies for the fans: trading cards, stickers, pins, prints, etc. The French edition of the comic published by Le Chat Qui Fume also included an exclusive pin as an extra.

The success of the comic in Spain, led to an alternate edition of the Spanish comic (published by Applehead Team), with a new graphic design but the same art content, just few months after the first edition by Fester Comix was released.

A selection of original comic pages were the protagonists of an exclusive exhibition during the Cardoterror Horror Film Festival in Cardedeu (Barcelona) in November, 2021.

Click SAMPLE PAGES in the above menu to see some interior art of this and other comics.

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